Classes and Academic Support

Students enroll in courses taught by experienced high school teachers from school districts in the Greater Boston area. Each participant enrolls in a mathematics class, an English class, and an elective in social studies, science, or world languages. Courses offered included freshman-senior English; algebra I, algebra II, trigonometry, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and calculus 2; physics, biology, and chemistry; the African-American experience; Spanish I, Spanish II and Spanish III. Through a longstanding agreement with the Cambridge Public Schools, students can enroll in no more than two classes in an effort to receive summer school credit for courses that they have failed during the previous school year. Classes are held Monday to Friday; 9 am–12 pm, with accompanying study halls; 3–6 pm Monday through Thursday. In addition, students receive specialized tutorial assistance on an “as needed” basis in the evening; 7–9:30 pm.